The Canadian Hapkido Federation was form on 2009; with the primary goal to unite all of the Canadian Hapkido Schools under one umbrella. To provide direct connection with the New Korean Martial Arts Federation and insure that all Black Belts are certified by the Korean governing body.

The Canadian Hapkido Federation is under the umbrella of Grand Master Hwang Deok-Kyu President of the New Korean Martial Arts Federation in Korea. Grand Master Michael Lok as the current president of the Canadian Hapkido Federation is in charge of insuring all Hapkido schools in Canada are providing consistent techniques as per the guidelines of the federation’s rules and regulation. 

The federation is open to all who want to promote and teach Hapkido in Canada. We welcome any martial art school that would like to provide Hapkido as part of their curriculum and add more value to their students. After receiving training and getting certified your school can then start teaching Hapkido and get all their students certified under the guidance of Grand Master Michael Lok. Our federation also welcomes:

  • Any Hapkido school currently not under any federation or not linked to a Korean federation
  • Established martial arts schools that want to offer Hapkido as part of their curriculum
  • Individuals who want to open a Hapkido Martial Art school and need guidance on how to get started.

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For Hapkido practitioners is a way to stay up to date with the latest competition rules and techniques. Students from all over Canada can get certified and obtain a genuine Hapkido Black Belt certificate directly from Korea.

Why do you need Korean Certification?

Hapkido is a martial art that has been divided into many branches, many practitioners have put their own “spin” to the traditional art diluting the technique. A Korean certificate, indicates that you are certified from an accredited school that teaches the original techniques. 

Lok’s Hapkido School has been appointed as the only certified Hapkido Headquarter in Canada. By the Bylaws of Korean Certification worldwide, and the New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation , any certifications testing must be approved by a Korean Certified Master Instructor and a Korean certified Black Belt. 

Under Korean government bylaws and regulations compliant with sports council constitution, it is strictly illegal and enforced by law, operating an unsanctioned school, in teaching Korean Hapkido, hosting an unqualified or unsanctioned testing seminar and the presentation of undocumented and uncertified diploma is strictly prohibited

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