Introduction for Hapkido

Saying Hapki, it is meaning to “gathering the vigour”.

Saying about the Hapkido to use the protection method for oneself by gathering the vigour through the breathing exercise in ordinary days.

Do of the Hapkido is away and the truth.

Accordingly, Hapkido is a martial arts looking for the right life through the martial arts.Body of the good trained Hapkidian is a fearfull weapon.

The first, it is dangerous such as a child or a robber is holding a gun and a knife if only technique of the Hapkido is trained without right mind.

It is important to train the mind and body with a broad mind like water and grave and generous like a mountain through meditation before the technique make itself familiar with it.

The technique of Hapkido is a very various, such like a protection against fencing art, pitching, footing, boxing, falling, technique of foot and fist etc. And technique with short, middle and long spear and sword etc. Technique with bottle, of course, stone, stick, towel and string etc. It is used as weapon with common things around daily life.

Technique of hitting with hand and foot among them is set up Judo handed down technique of tighting, breaking with various kind of match and Taekwondo today in Japan.

We could understand that Hapkido, eventually, is the mother and original form of oriental martial arts.

It is feeling hard to study first because Hapkido technique is infinitive like this. But it is possible to study easily owing to apply Hapkido technique appropriately according to every situation based on the standard technique.

Seeing history and background of Hapkido, beginning of Hapkido is the founder of Kwang of Shilla Samkwangweon in the many record after that Hapkido was handed down as a secrete arts of royal court or monks through period of three Kingdoms.

In these days, Korean Hapkido was begun and the first Hapkido stadium was established and propagated in Seoul by Mr. Han-jae, Ji(the present, president of Hapkido world federation-going to America) in 1956 together with Mr. Deok-kyu, Hwnag, chairman of Korean New Martial Arts Hapkido Federation, corporation.Hapkido is evaluated highly as a international martial arts and propagated in about forty countries now and in domestic of course by Mr. Tae-jun, Lee, Kwang-sik, Myeong, Yong-jin, Kim, Dong-ku, Lee and Jae-nam, Myeong etc. studied in this stadium.

There are two thousand stadiums in Korea and many students in forty countries are coming to study Korean excellent Hapkido technique to Korea.

Present chairman, Deok-kyu, Hwang who is now the oldest veteran in domestic is planning to open the international meeting encouraged by active response a friend of the same tastes for Hapkido at home and abroad for Hapkido50th anniversary in 2006.And patronize his juniors with operating vigorously instructor training education recently etc.